David Busbridge

Visual Designer

About you

You’re likely to be an entrepreneur, business owner or brand manager who needs a freelance designer like me to help them portray the best image for their business, or by enhancing and developing the products sold by your business.

If this is you, get in touch today and let’s talk.

About me

Throughout my design career I have dealt with professional business people from all walks of life – from a Nuclear Engineer to a Florist, and everything in-between. It truly is a career spanning diverse industries.

I can work on-site in your office, or remotely once we have ironed out the details in-person. I run a MacBook Pro with Creative Suite and other digital stalwarts such as Axure, Sketch and WordPress for CMS.

I also utilise a network of production professionals in the UK & off-shore managing the production of brand assets such as: iOS & Android Apps, WordPress websites, Printed brochures, Exhibition stands.

I’m currently using this site to blog about my degree studies, so be prepared for some reflective thinking and soul searching! I also blog on my Weather Watchman App site which is a long-term side project.


For the last year or so the majority of my clients have commissioned me through strict non-disclosure agreements. This is often the case with new digital products, such as apps and niche websites. I often advise on UX, producing wireframe prototypes of apps & websites in order to secure first round seed-funding or support a unique event.